I’ve been a freelance photographer and videographer for more than 20 years, and I’m just as passionate today about capturing significant moments as I was when I first started working with a  video production team in 1992.

I work with a wide range of clients and subjects, from magazine food editors, TV sports producers and local restaurants to marketing firms and large renewable energy corporations.

Favorite recent clients: ESPN, Tradewind Energy, ENEL Green Power, H&R Block, Voyageur Press

Favorite things at work: Interpreting needs and shaping results; talented crews; coming home with pictures I didn’t know I was going to get

Inspirations: Jupiter (my son, not the planet), anything that comes out of ABC Kitchen, Caravaggio, McCullough Gulch, the Jayhawks (the team and the band), Vieques, A Matter of Life and Death (Michael Powell), making people laugh, making people good food, my front porch, fire, big soft light sources, hops (and more hops), the Free State Living Room, NBA, Infinite Self (Stuart Wilde), pork, beef, grill

Something I want to do: Design a product that makes someone’s life better

Perfect day: Breakfast with Jupiter and Tabitha; collaborate, make someone’s life better, make art; ride the bike, hike, swim, snorkel; martinis, guitar, shorts, sandals and a porch; cook with fresh ingredients; bedtime story with Jupiter, hanging out with Tabitha


If I can help you with your photo and video needs, give me a call. #785.766.3710. Or email me at tim@timnauman.com.